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Special Child Parenting

Parenting a Special ChildThey say our children have special needs, but what they have is very special parents!   We provide a safe place for you to feel heard, supported, encouraged and validated.  We will help you figure out the IEP maze or how to guide your adult child toward independent living and the resources they will need.  Parenting children with special needs is challenging and joyously hard work.  If you have a child of any age with autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, serious health complications, other learning challenges, we want you to know  -- You are not alone!
Our counselors are parents, and many of us are parents of children (or young adults) with special needs.  We know what the challenges are.  We know what it feels like.  We have been walking this path ourselves, and so the kind of companion you will find when you include us as a partner in your parenting journey is that of a seasoned, compassionate, professional guide.  We get it!

To learn more about the therapists at Counseling Psychologists of Woodbury who can help you in the challenges of parenting a special needs child or supporting your adult child, visit these therapists: